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What is Nitant Shiksha Foundation?

Please read About Us section.

Do you receive donation from private entities and if its exempted from tax?

Yes, we do and all donations made to Nitant Shiksha Foundation will be exempted under section 80 of income tax.

What is the difference between Members and Volunteer?

Members are those who will benefit from various services Nitant Shiksha Foundation will offer (read services section) against the nominal charges, and will be subjected to renewal from time to time. Volunteer on the other hand will be associated with our organization and help to spread the mission of our organization. For details, read the section membership and volunteers.


Do I need to pay fee to become a volunteer?

There is no joining or membership fee for volunteers.

Will I be paid for working as a volunteer?

Currently, there is no provision of salary for volunteers who wish to join the Nitant Shiksha Foundation. However, volunteers will be reimbursed for the travel and other contingency costs as necessary.

Will I get a volunteer certificate?

Yes, volunteers will be issued certificate for their contribution and work. But, volunteer must participate in at least 4 event/activity to be eligible to get certification from Nitant Shiksha Foundation.

Are volunteers allowed to attend workshop/webinars organized by Nitant Shiksha Foundation?

Yes, all workshop and webinars will be free for volunteers.

Are volunteer able to represent Excelarts Foundation officially in any event?

Volunteers can work and share our vision and mission, but will not be allowed to make any public statement on behalf of the foundation.

What is procedure to join as Volunteer?

Duly filled application form with detailed CV and a motivation letter on how you can contribute to carry forward the vision of this organization should be duly sent through online application. You can apply through our online system as well.

After receiving your application, it will be screened by the competent authorities and if necessary a short interview will be organized to know about the applicant and how he/she can benefit the organization. Details of interview and selection will be sent by email.


What are the different kinds of membership?

Currently we offer individual and institutional membership. For more information on individual membership read FAQ. For institutional membership, please write to us at contact@excelarts.org

Is the membership free?

No. In order to become the members, a minimal fee based on three slabs (eg. School students, university students, young professionals)  will be charged which will be valid for one year.

Is membership fee refundable?

Yes, but only within first two weeks after application. Administrative charges will be deducted and remaining will be refunded to the account from which the payment will be made.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can either write an email or send a letter to our head office requesting for the cancellation of your membership citing the valid reasons.

What is the procedure for membership?

Go to the membership section for details on the home page.

Will I get a certificate for attending all workshops?

Members will already receive an acknowledgment certificate from Nitant Shiksha Foundation about their membership. Should the members require the certificate for attending each workshop, a request at the time of filing an application has to be made and certificate for individual workshops can be issued after paying the processing/delivery charges.

Can membership fee be waived?

We can consider individual waiver requests on a case-by-case basis and as agreed upon by the management team. Currently, the fees are exempted only for volunteers.

How many seminars/workshop am I eligible for in a year?

Each member is entitled to attend maximum of 5 seminars annually organized at the different location across India. However, there is no limitation on the webinars you can attend.

Can I attend the woskhop after I have exhausted all my free entries?

Yes, you can definitely attend any number of events beyond free events by paying the fee.

Are all seminars/workshops through webinar?

We will organize webinars and on-ground workshops and seminars all over India. The proportion of two can vary depending on your membership.

Is the membership transferble?

Membership is non-transferable.