Parents play a pivotal role in shaping their kids’ career

At a time when a student is keen to venture into a new arena by choosing a particular career and find themselves baffled with mammoth options, parents are likely to play a pivotal role in helping out their wards in selecting the appropriate path. They are likely to have a remarkable and long lasting impact on their kid’s professional advancement and also in inculcating basic leadership virtues into them. Parents at this juncture need to discover the virtues of their wards and encourage them to achieve their aspirations by implying and converging all their efforts into the right direction.

Parents can act as harbinger of achievements for their kids if they adhere to the correct path of guiding them the correct way. However, if they fail to understand the basic principle and work against the system, hurdles are likely to mar the spirit of their kids. So if a parent is willing to encourage or allow the aspirations of the children to go ahead with what they really want in their life professionally, they are bound to be their motivators. However in contrast if they toil to go against the wind, if they constrain their kids to follow the pre-determined conventional paths, if they try to forcefully carve out their pre-designed path the children at their tender age are likely to succumb to their aspirations and are bound to compromise on their natural instinct which ultimately is likely to be a futile exercise.

Of course, the experience of the veterans can play a key role to some extent ostensibly for the kids to have a background on an issue but it can’t be a sacrosanct. At times it could be frustrating for a kid born and brought up in a different time period altogether. A successful parent could assume themselves as a good teacher and motivator, but the same success and career formula can’t work at all times. With the changing socio-economic dynamics and change of the whole generation, the whole society has transformed and many people have broken the existing stereotypes by making their presence felt in almost all career streams successfully. Many of the archaic ideas have now proved to be redundant.

Imperative factors to be considered by Parents:

  1. Comprehend your children’s IQ level: The kid’s IQ is a reflection of their identity, qualities and shortcomings.
  2. Intrigue: The parent ought to investigate the premiums of their children and think about it while shortlisting their kid´s professional choices.
  3. Potential: This must be viewed as to start with, counsel their instructors, teachers and become more acquainted with how keen they are and what could be chosen as their career path and what they want them to turn into.

Parents could impact their children’s career determination in many ways, here are three factors that they must adopt:

  1. Motivation: Propel them never to surrender and buckle down until they have accomplished the coveted way of achievement and satisfaction.
  2. Way determination: Guardians should guide the kids to pick the right way. Their choices and decisions (both academic and non-academic) should be backed withalogical explanation and strong interest. In the case of failure, their efforts should be criticised positively.
  3. Basic leadership process: Let your kid make decisions independently and watch how they proceed to achieve their target. Taking decisions independently will boost their confidence and leadership skills.

Some do’s and don’ts for guardians:


  1. Help your kids in finding their enthusiasm.
  2. Assist the child, comprehend the work life in the picked career by experts in the field.
  3. Pick up your Child’s certainty and spur them to talk about their questions with you.
  4. Look for expert help at whatever point required.


  1. Try not to load the tyke with incredible desires.
  2. Try not to be fretful when managing children.
  3. Try not to misinform your kid into picking a career.
  4. Try not to answer their inquiry in the event that you don’t know about it. It’s alright to require investment, research or look for experts willing to offer assistance.
  5. Career scope changes with time; don’t attempt to force the thoughts or perspectives that existed amid your days.


Picking a profession is a critical choice that affects an individual’s whole future, so parents can turn out to be exceptionally focused, it is essential to remain positive else it can turn into an upsetting time for all included. Guardians unwittingly can make the past appear to be impeccable and the future frightening.

So, choose wisely, as noted author Terry Mante said, “A career is not just about earning income, it is about pursuing the essence of your life”.

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Devesh Singh