We live through different stages of life defined in terms of age limit. There is an age to incur knowledge and prepare oneself for earning bread and butter. There is an age to get hooked up with threads of marriage. There is an age to relish the greying hair and play with grandchildren. Finally there is an age to die. This seems to be a perfect life defined by our society. Is this perfect life surreal? With the shackles of unemployment and increasing crime, this perfect life is indeed a hallucination. As per the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) World Economic Survey Outlook 2017 report, unemployment in India is projected to witness a marginal increase in 2017-2018 indicating stagnation of job creation. The other side of the story is approximately 1.5 million engineering students pass out in India every year and over 80% of engineering students are unemployed as per the Times Of India report. Though India’s annual enrolment of scientists, engineers and technicians exceeds two millions, the ILO predicted that the number of jobless will increase to 18 million by 2018. 93% management students being unemployable and only 7% engineering students being employable is a big blow to our prevailing education system. Though the quantities of universities and schools have increased profoundly, the lack of quality education still persists. Shortage of faculty, both in terms of quality as well as quantity, profit seeking management attitude, focus not on the learning method but on scoring marks, even though marks are just number and ramified corruption are plaguing higher educations. Thus, in India institutes are giving name sake degrees to unproductive graduates.


In a country having second largest population in the world, unemployment is cancerous. It leads to serious instability in the economic as well as social conditions of the country causing wide scale dissatisfaction and disillusionment to the educated unemployed youths of our nation. With increased usage of technology and automation in service and manufacturing sectors (major employment providing areas), more educated youths are left unemployed, viz. Recently, HDFC bank shrunk their labour force by 4500 employees and installed a robot named Ira to serve the customers of the bank. Such educated jobless poses real law and order challenge to our nation. Increasing reports of rape, kidnapping, stealing, murder etc. are nothing but complimentary gifts of unemployment in India.

We cannot let the darkness of unemployment to dispel the confidence and dreams of our millions of youths. The seeds of employment have to be sown right from the very beginning i.e. basic school level, where our focus should be on learning and more detail can be found here. The schools should run productive vocational training courses along with regular courses. More labour intensive units should be developed to encourage handicrafts and other small scale skill industries. Entrepreneurship skills need to be focused at colleges and universities. Last, but not the least, counselling facility should be provided, as it helps in selecting the right career option both at school and college level. Being a developing country with expanding population, we have to understand that it is people who make a nation and government should focus on fixing the education system. If the people are happy, the nation will prosper.


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Sushmita Karmakar