Teacher`s Day – II

An age old saying that there are very few people in one´s life who could influence as much as a teacher does.  It may sound a cliché but its true that a teacher is the one who can make or break your life: you either start loving your subject or you start hating it.  An art of learning is the one that is instilled in us at a very early age because of the teacher. Each one of us may have experience to tell about their teachers: good or bad whatever it may be.

Today I am going to share few anecdotes about one of the teacher who I considered influenced me in school- Mrs Asha Asthana. She was my Hindi teacher and she influenced me like none other. She was the one responsible for me taking up Hindi till I finished schooling-class 12th, not because I had any special fondness for the subject but because her classes were something that games me the reason to sometimes even come to the school.

Let me share one incidence from class 11th. I had the habit of playing after going to home from school and it had almost become my obsession, much to the dismay of my parents.  They would be worried because I would skip my lunch and even dinner as I would fall asleep very early. At the parent-teachers meeting which my father would always attend without fail, he raised this issue with my Hindi teacher. He may be worried about me skipping lunches and dinner but that was not enough for him to raise this issue. He told to the mam that he was concerned that I may lose focus from studies as it was class 11th and I needed to focus on my board and soon the medical career I was hoping to start for. The reply my teacher gave to my father was enough to keep his nerves calm for ever- iski chinta mat kariye or khelne dijiye. Ache bachche chahe kuch bhi karein, unka apni padhai se dhayan nhi hatta (she told him don’t worry about me. No matter how much he spends his time playing but good students don’t let their studies get affected). She didn’t fail to make it a point that I stayed late in school just to finish the homework before I go home. That was one sentence that etched in my mind forever that I still remember. There are many other instances from my school life for which I owe my greatest reverence for her, not only as a teacher but also a support system, only few could boast of.

Although, it’s been more than 10 years that I met her or talked to her but she is perhaps the only teacher I remember so much about and discuss with some of my friends who also shared the same chemistry with her as I did. On this special occasion of teacher’s day, I pay my great respect to her for making me what I am today and motivating me to be a person that she proudly vouched for on that important day- parents teachers meeting I just referred above. Thank you, mam, so much and I hope someday again I could meet you and make you proud.

Chandra Shekar Misra